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Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

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If I purchase a registration number plate do I have to attach it to my vehicle straight away?

No. Some registered number plates can be provided on a certificate and have until the certificate’s expiry date to transfer on to a vehicle which is 10 years from when you purchase it.

How long does it take to transfer a registration number plate?

Transfers can take up to 10 – 20 working days providing that all required and correct documentation have been supplied and all payments have been cleared.

Are there any costs to transfer my number plate?

Yes. It costs £80 to transfer a registration number plate onto a certificate or vehicle.

What happens once I have completed an order?

You should receive email confirmation of your registration number plate order sent to your email address provided. Once your full payment has been cleared by our bank you should receive a second email confirming your order has been completed. It is important that you provide us with correct details regarding your email confirmations (or any details required by us). If you do not receive any confirmation then please check that the email address you have given us is correct and active.

What happens to my payment if I change my mind before the transfer and no longer want the registration I have purchased?

Our purchasing service commences immediately after we receive full- or part-payment to secure your registration, so we will already have bought the item(s) requested by you. Therefore, all payments or part-payments are non-refundable regardless of the value of the item purchased. We do not offer any refunds if you change your mind or cancel the order.

Can I swap or part exchange my registration number plate?

PrivateRegs4u does not provide any swap or part exchange services but we can advertise your number plate with no added costs involved.

How much will it cost me to allow PrivateRegs4u to sell my registration number plate?


What happens to my old registration number?

Your existing registration number will be removed from your vehicle and held in the DVLA’s holding system.

Do I pay any commission for selling my registration number plate?

You provide us with the price you have in mind for the sale of your number plate. We add on a margin for our service when advertising your number plate. The price paid by the purchaser will cover both your required price and our profit margin. You do not have to pay us any additional commission and you will receive the full amount agreed as on.

I have seen my registration number on your website and I haven't given permission for it to be advertised. Why is it listed?

We advertise our own stock along with other reputable number plate dealers and for private individuals, our information come from many different sources and we may be given inaccurate information. Occasionally a typing error may occur when details are entered onto our systems resulting in the listing of a combination that is in fact not for sale. Also, there are occasions when a donor has failed to advise us of the sale and subsequent non-availability of a number. If you have seen your registration listed and would like to provide us with further information or would like us to remove it from our website, please contact us as soon as possible. Please remember to specify the registration in question and your contact details for confirmation.

Can I transfer from car to motor bike?

Yes. All motorbikes (including mopeds) can participate freely in the registration transfer scheme, provided the normal requirements of the number transfer facility are met.

Can I transfer a Northern Irish number onto my vehicle?

Northern Irish registration number plates are effectively dateless. They can go onto a vehicle of any age, making them an attractive way of hiding the age of your car.

My vehicle has a 'Q' prefix number plate. Can I sell the "Q" number plate? Can I buy a new number plate to replace the 'Q' number plate?

No. Vehicles are assigned "Q" prefix number plate to draw attention to the fact that their origins or age are uncertain. Q number plates are therefore non-transferable and must remain with the vehicle unless documentary evidence which confirms its origins/age comes to light. In this case, contact the DVLA who may then assign a replacement age-related number plate to the vehicle.

My V5C (Log Book) says my registration number is non-transferable. Can I transfer a registration number onto my vehicle?

Yes, you cannot transfer or retain a non-transferable number, the vehicle can receive a registration number providing the non-transferable number is not a "Q" mark and providing the vehicle meets the normal conditions of the Sales, Transfer and retention schemes.

What if my vehicle is stolen and not recovered, can I get my personalised number plate back?

If your vehicle is stolen and has not been recovered after a year you can apply to have its registration number reassigned to your replacement vehicle providing the following conditions are met. The theft must have been notified to the police and recorded at DVLA as stolen for not less than 12 months. At the time of the theft the vehicle must have had a current MOT and it must have had TAX. A letter from your insurers confirming that they have no objection to the number being re-issued. This must be provided because once insurers have settled your claim, they have a rightful claim to the vehicle should it be recovered.

What if my vehicle is "written off"?

A write-off happens when a damaged vehicle is judged by insurers to be beyond economic repair. In such a case, the insurance company agrees a sum to be paid to the insured, and legal ownership of the vehicle then passes to the insurance company. The company is then free to sell the vehicle as salvage and the purchaser may repair it and put it back on the road. Unless you transfer the registration to another vehicle or a retention document you risk losing your entitlement to that registration.

What is a prefix registration?

Prefix registrations contain the year identifier at the beginning of a registration e.g. A123 ABC.

What is a suffix registration?

Suffix registrations contain the year identifier at the end of a registration e.g. ABC 123Y

What is a current style registration?

Current style registrations consist of two letters, a two-digit age identifier and finally three letters e.g. AB51 ABC

What is a dateless registration?

Dateless registrations do not contain a year identifier and can consist of a number combination followed by a letter combination and vice versa e.g. ABC 123

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